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Traffic stop for historic tags leads to firearms charges A Hagerstown man pulled over Sunday for violating state rules on driving a vehicle registered as historic blog was also charged with firearms violations. Jason Wayne Reeder, 38, of North Cannon Avenue was driving a Chevrolet pickup with historic tags when he was pulled over Sunday afternoon on Dual Highway, according to the charging document. The officer wrote in the charging document that the truck had a ladder, painting supplies, fishing poles and other items in the bed that indicated it was being used for "general transportation," a violation of the state's Historic Motor Vehicle registration. The officer approached the truck and smelled marijuana, the document said. Reeder told the officer his passenger had a medical marijuana card. Reeder was told the truck would be searched for other drugs or contraband, the document said. He admitted there was a gun in the cab and the officer found a 9 mm handgun in the driver's door pocket, the document said. A check of the weapon showed it had been reported stolen in Marion County, W.Va., the document said. Reeder was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, illegally possessing a firearm and other firearm offenses. Reeder had convictions for armed robbery in 2001, being a felon in possession of a firearm in 2004 and having a concealed dangerous weapon in 2010, the charging document said.